We primarily focus on workshops and trainings to deliver a comprehensive lesson on personal branding online through Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Social Rise Impact Model

  • Functional Workshops: Online and offline workshops teaching tangible skills around Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Wordpress, or other social channels as applicable

  • Online Support Systems: Forums and resources online that enable those on social media to get help and advice from other representatives online

  • Community Engagement: Creative opportunities to connect with those in DC Area and influencers of interest

  • Data Collection: Focus on collecting result-based outcome data is paramount. Data will be collected on both tangible engagement online as well as reflection and testimonials from constituents through collaborative process with partners.

Our workshops include topics such as Entrepreneurship, Online Branding, Social Media Responsibility, Career Exploration, Social Issue Analysis, and more.

We work extensively with organizations to get acquainted with mission, goals, and experience before customizing workshops to optimize your output.