Social Rise is a volunteer-run organization in the greater DC area focused on helping low income and under-resourced communities realize the transformative power of social media to build networks and bridge gaps in the digital space. We are strong advocates of digital equity and creating a conversation around opportunity for all.


Our mission is to empower community members from all backgrounds, including low-income and at-risk individuals, to utilize social media tools and strategies to build a better future. We want to join the countless organizations who believe that we can only sustain social change and achieve equity by integrating technology into community transformation.

We envision a road where no one is alone. We believe that all community members have the capability to become informed consumers, learn how to connect with a network of mentors and professional influencers, use their stories to develop strong personal brands and channel their passions and goals for success.

Our work is customized to meet the complex needs and conditions of the most marginalized populations and focus on relevant and scalable solutions.

Why Social Media?

There are hundreds of computer literacy and workforce development programs over the country that are working to bridge the digital divide and equip those in need with the technological skills to close opportunity gaps in society. While many focus on Microsoft Office and coding skills, Social Media is one area that has been harder to push. It’s harder to measure direct outcomes but for many of us, its power is something we take for granted. Through sites like Humans of New York, we have seen the giving power of strangers on social media. Through movements like #HeForShe and #BlackLivesMatter, we have seen the power of social mobilization. Now, more than 55% of hiring managers are making decisions through social media and 70% of jobs are no longer posted online and are only revealed through private recruiters. It is the industry standard for most brands, organizations, and non-profits to have Twitter and Linkedin profiles. With over 300 million users regularly using social media tools, why not give a large part of the population a chance to learn these tools, level the playing field, and help them build a community online?

We have seen that social media education can provide value across many areas of fundamental needs. Whether you are a non-profit working with low-income job seekers, high school students, human rights activists, or the recently homeless, we would love to work with your organization to determine how we can help you achieve your mission.

”We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”
— S. Kelly Harrel